Thursday, February 03, 2005

Voting In Elections Jan2005(AP)

Ballot Boxes Jan2005 (AFP)

Queing to Vote (AP)

U.S Troops with Ballot Boxes (Reuters)
Boy Walks Through Wreckage in Fallujah

Mother Cries Over Her Dead Child Fallujah

IED on convoy in Fallujah

Fallujah Outskirts Nov2004
Fallujah Nov2004 Air Raid

Fallujah Abrams Tank Ambushed

Fallujah Resistance Firing RPG

Child In Despair After Air Raid Fallujah 2004
Najaf Child In Despair

Shia Protest March To Najaf

Shia Supporters Of Al Sistani

Najaf Mortar Exchange
Najaf 2004 Marines Under Fire

Najaf Aug2004 Air Raid

Najaf Mahdi Soldiers

Najaf Fighting In Holy Cemetary
Najaf 2004 Al Sadre With Aides

Resistance with Anti Armour RPG

Najaf Resistance Running To Battle

Najaf 2004 Civilians Leaving
Najaf Aug2004

Najaf Aug2004


Najaf Air Raid

Resistance Najaf

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Suffering Child



Sadre City Resistance

Mehdi Army May2004

Humvee Ambushed Baghdad Apr 2004

IED Attack Aiport Road
Resistance Attack

Hit By Missle

Resistance Baghdad

Shia Resistance Sniper
Marching To Najaf Aug2004

Shia Pilgrims

Holy Mosque

At Prayer
R.M Sweeping Village

Arms Cache Exploding

Unknown Event