Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Fallujah Iraq what a complete disaster that has turned out to be.It was deemed necessary to invade the town of Fallujah by the U.S administration and occupying forces inorder to create stability in the Al Anbar province and break the back(will and faith) of the Insurgent.For my Blog I will use the true term Resistance.for 3 weeks before its invasion Fallujah suffered almost constant bombardment,either by artillery,mortar or ariel with the use of (so called) sophisticated weaponary.On the 8th November 2004 15,000 U.S Soldiers(mainly marines) ,3000 mercenries and 2000 Iraqi Police and Soldiers accompanied by up to 2000 Military Vehicles ranging from the Cumbersome M1A Abrams Heavy battle tank to the Bradley fighting vehicle.The assault was on 8 different areas simultaneously North,East,West and South.Western media was involved and Emmbedded reporters were placed alongside the troops.This enabling the U.S military to control the information flow out of Fallujah.The Troop invasion into Fallujah was resisted feircely by what is termed as the Mujahadeen in basic terms a proportion of the towns citizens defending their own homes and property alongside ex-republican guard troops,Sunni and Shia religious patriots and Islamic fighters from outside Iraq.Fighting raged constantly and one week later the town was deemed taken.Embedded camera crews and reporters recorded the events of the town being taken which played on our western media,That the Resistance there had been crushed.We all witnessed dead and injured resistance fighters on the streets,but suspiciously we saw very little dead or injured U.S troops.This played on all our T.Vs for 3 or 4 days as the propaganda was continuously played.It has been said that the true casualty of war is the truth,propaganda is an intricate part of warfare and the media is only too happy to play along with this.Now we are into January 11th, 200,000 of the Fallujah residents are still refugees staying in tents outside the Town.Western Media has almost disapeared from reporting Fallujah and casualties are still coming out of the City.Now these 2 events-scenarios are contrary to each other.If the resistance was brocken and the city taken and a great victory by the U.S military and that the Town is under control,then why are 200,000 2 months later still sitting in tents outside ? Why are casualties still being reported there ? Why has western reporting completely disapeared from Fallujah,now non existent ? All of these do not add up.That troubled me,i realised that Western Media,namely Fox,BBc and others are tightly controlled and will always play events to the will of the Governing establishments.I needed to look at alternative media reporting namely independant Middle Eastern media,to gauge more of what really happened.The Situation from their reporting is very different.To how we receive it.
Mafkarat-al-Islam is one such source that itself has reporters inside Fallujah.
From their reporting Fallujah has not been taken and never has,the U.S military never gained any significant control of Fallujah and Fighting has been virtually constant there these last 2 months and that the U.S military has taken enormous casualties.Ranging between 6500 and 7500 dead and injured troops along with over a 1000 destroyed Military vehicles.That is very different from the casualties the pentagon gave of around 300.The truth probably lies inbetween.For myself i tend to err on the Mafkarat-al-Islam reporters who have their reporters inside the Town.Here is an example of what they have to say about an event inside Fallujah these last few days dated Jan 6th 2005.
"In a dispatch timed at 8.59 Mecca time Thursday evening reported that after extremely hard and bloody fighting,U.S forces pulled back from the ash Shudada and Al Jubayl neighbourhoods in Fallujah,which they had extensively assaulted since Thursday Morning,Fighting raged from about 8.00am to 5.00pm and before that,the Americans had over run resistance position in the Nazal neighbourhead of which resistance withdrew".
Shaky Abu Abdullah added that resistance were burying the Martyrs of that days battle of which some 145 resistance fighters were killed.Abdullah stated that some 450 U.S troops had been killed and some 200 wounded in the days battle Jan6th 2005.More than 140 U.S tanks and Fighting vehicles had been destroyed along with 53 Humvees,5 U.S helicopters had been Shot down,3 being Apache Gunships.44 U.S troops were captured by resistance fighters that day although 26 were executed when resistance was forced to leave the neighbourhood.
In the days Fighting The U.S had used internationally banned Chemical and biological weapons on resistance positions(which is the reason the U.S POWs were executed)."
This is only a part of the reporting from Iraq from Independant Arab reporters emmbeded with Resistance units.In my Blog i will on a daily basis place reports from these reporters.
So the facts confirm that Fallujah has not been taken as too the reason why the resisdents are still camped outside,A news black out from the Area and continuous fighting.
The Whole Fallujah escapade by the U.S administration has been a disaster from begining to not quite the end.Fallujah is a small town it is 4 kilometers long by 3.5 kilometers wide a massive military machine with every type of weaponary backed up with up to 20,000 various soldiers invade on the premise to break the back of the resistance.The Town has not been taken,an enormous amount of resources has been used in its failure and the resistance has bogged down the U.S military there and infact terminally brocken the back of the U.S forces (will and morale).
Upto 7000 civilians Women and Children have been killed,200,000 people have become refugees a town has been bombed to bits yet not taken.Thousands of U.S soldiers have been killed or maimed.All for what ?
The Resolution to this can only be by political means and not Military means,everytime a civilian is killed or a house bombed local citizens become more angry which in itself breeds resistance and strengthens resolve against occupation.The more Draconian and violent the U.S are to the Iraqi people the stronger and more deadly resistance will be for them.
On my Blog i will place inserts daily from alternative news from inside Iraq itself.If you have enjoyed or found this blog interesting,then come back and pass it on.