Thursday, January 20, 2005

Iran to defend itself

Khatami: Iran Prepared to Defend Itself
Thu Jan 20,10:27 AM ET
(AP) - Iran has plans to defend itself should the United States make any aggressive moves, President Mohammad Khatami said Thursday, but he added that the possibility of an attack "is very low" because Washington has too many problems in Iraq. Khatami's remarks in an interview with state-run television marked the most senior response to recent reports suggesting the United States may be considering military action against Iran. (SEE BOTTOM PAGE)

(01/20) Iran Launched Hunt Operations to Find US Commandos
Posted Wednesday, January 19, 2005

PARIS 20 Jan. (IPS) Iranian authorities have launched a massive, but discrete operation aimed at finding and arresting possible American commandos that an American investigative journalist said are now operating inside Iran. Though officials continued on Wednesday to issue strong, but unconvincing and incoherent warnings against the report, but Iran Press Service has learned from informed sources that the report is taken “very seriously”. The report, signed by prize-winner, investigative journalist Seymon Hirsh and published in the “New Yorker” magazine says US commandos have been operating inside Iran, selecting nuclear and other sensitive military sites for possible air strikes with the help of Pakistan. The authorities dismissed the report as a “psychological warfare” and absurdly “baseless”......