Monday, January 17, 2005

iraq and the American Flag.

Why is the American flag placed backwards on the uniforms of U.S service personnel in Iraq?
Symbols play an important subconscious part in all our lives and to some degree affect us individually,communally,socially and nationally.From Christians with the crucifix,to logos on the companies that we work for or brand names placed on consumer goods.Each symbol is a statement in what we associate with and has an underlying meaning.A nations flag is no different reflecting the values of the citizens of that country,the flag being a rallying point and unifying factor for all the people under it,honoured and respected both domestically and internationally.The American flag was formed through a war of independance against the British and a civil war which in time led to the creation of the constitution and the bill of rights.The American flag being made up of red and white stripes and stars representing the individual states situated in the top left.The flag represents Americas past struggles and has always denoted truth,justice,virtue,morality,freedom and the American way.The opposite of these is dishonesty,injustice,immorality and slavery.On every soldiers uniform in Iraq there is an American flag and every flag is backwards the stars are situated top right.Does this have a meaning? The nations flag represents honour,why wear it backwards surely that is sacrilege to an American.Would a Christian rally round an inverted cross ? or a corporation invert its own logo ? or the consumer product brandnames be printed backwards? surely not as it would degrade those products and associations giving them a very different meaning.
Next time you view Photographs from Iraq take a closer look at the soldiers uniforms,every uniform has a flag sewn into it and every flag is backwards.
I do not know the reason as to why the flag is backwards,maybe Americans should be asking that question.
I would appreciate readers views and comments with regard to this issue.