Thursday, January 13, 2005

Iraq News Brief.Jan 12th.

Lets take a brief recap on yesterdays events.Not much was reported on mainstream meadia as focus is till on the Tsnami disaster.The Japanese camp at Samawah came under mortar attack although no casualties have been reported.In Mosul resistance ambushed a convoy of U.S and Iraqi vehicles causing the deaths of 3 Iraqi National Guard members.NATO has agreed to airlift supplies and military equipment to Iraq and the Iraqi Goverment.The Iraqi resistance produced a video where they taunted the U.S goverment and made a direct appeal to troops in Iraq to lay down their weapons and sanctuary will be given to them in either Mosques or schools,on a similar note one Marine who refused to return to Iraq for a second tour and was hunted by police inside the U.S,shot and killed 1 police officer and injured a second before being killed himself.Henry Kissenger was dismissed as a CIA advisor and Centcom admitted the death of 1 U.S soldier.Mafkarat-Al-Islam reporters inside Iraq paint a very different picture of the days events,here are a few paragraphs from their reporting.A Apache helicopter gunship was shot down by a hand held Strela missile at 6pm over the Nazal District of Fallujah,the Apache exploded in mid air and crashed to ground emmbeding itself in house all crew members were killed.An Iraqi resistance IED exploded by a U.S column in Ar-Ramadi destroying 2 Humvees and killing 7 U.S soldiers.In Baghdad fighting broke out at 5.30pm in the al-Amil neighbourhood Resistance forces attacked with Heavy machine guns and Rocket propelled grenades U.S troops who had concealed themselves in the Halah Bint Middle school,a Humvee and Bradley fighting vehicle were destroyed killing 3 U.S Soldiers and injuring a further 3.In the Dujayl district of Baghdad resistance detonated a large IED as a convoy was passing then followed up attacking with light machine gun and rockets destroying 2 supply trucks and a fuel tanker and killing 5 U.S soldiers.In Taji North of Baghdad resistance shot down a Cobra helicopter all crew members were killed.By Abu-Gharib resistance elements ambushed a military column first by detonating an IED then following it up with rockets and light mortars,2 Humvees and 3 Bradleys were destroyed,11 U.S Soldiers were killed and 7 injured.In Tikrit a military supply truck and Humvee were attacked and destroyed killing 6 U.S soldiers.
In total Mafkarat-A-Islams reporters across Iraq reported over a 120 attacks on coalition troops for the day,some 181 U.S Soldiers were killed and 57 Injured along with 23 Humvees that were destroyed,7 Bradleys,3 APCs,1 Abrams Tank,1 Cobra and 1 Apache Helicopter.The reporting between the different medias is very different,with a Presidential Inauguration in 7 days and an Iraqi election in 17 days is the media covering up,playing the situation down in Iraq? Probably.
Will the elections go ahead on the 30th ? probably although it has been said that 4 provinces out of the 18 in Iraq will not be involved in the election.What these people omit to say is that 60% of the Iraqi population live in these 4 provinces.Will the people except the election result ? Probably not.What happens then ? The resistance and fighting will no doubt continue.The U.S has got itself into a terrible predicament of its own making.It Must leave,wants to leave,but cant leave.What is in store for the Iraqi people is further bloodshed as the country sadly spirals further into anarchy.Nobody truly knows how the situation will turn out and our politicians how grandly got us all involved with Iraq are now suddenly burying their heads in the sand,hoping it will all go away as it has turned out to be a complete disaster on the grandest of scales.