Friday, January 14, 2005

Iraq News Brief.Jan 13th.

If Abu-Garib and the torture that occured there not unforgiveable or worrying to how far immoraly and degraded we in the West have become.Those in the highest seats of power that sit in our own communities and Nations have now come up with the idea of introducing Salvadorian death squads into Iraq to assinate anyone deemed a proven or unproven problem to the administration.This can hardly be promoting the Democratic values that were promised to the Iraqi people and is what it is a ruthless Dictatorship with the lowest form of morals.On a brief note of the days events through Western Media channels.8,500 refugees fromm the Original 200,000 have returned to the City of Fallujah over the last few days,wether they are able to stay because of the destruction there and the continued and sporadic fighting,we will all have to wait and see.Quietly without fanfare the U.S administration abandoned its search for WMDs in Iraq last month and has thus so far refused to appologise for the invasion with regard to the WMD aspect.53 Political parties along with 30 individuals have withdrawn their candicacy and have asked their supporters to boycott the forth coming elections,more parties are expected to follow suit in the next few days,this is an enormous blow to the occupying powers,as any vote and elected party will be deemed null and void,unacceptable by the indigenous Iraqi population as a whole.
In Baghdad a Turkish business man was kidnapped and 6 of his Turkish employees killed.Centcom reported the death of a single soldier for the day.
Mafkarat-Al-Islam reports the resistance of the day throughout Iraq,here is a short brief on some of the events it reported.A heavy resistance bomb exploded in the Kharnabat area of Abu-Gharib on Thursday destroying a Bradley armoured vehicle and killing 4 U.S troops.In Haifa Street Baghdad at 2pm Iraqi resistance armed with Rockets disabled a Bradley Armoured vehicle killing 1 U.S soldier at the same time resistance with Bkc machine guns killed 3 U.S snipers who were leaving a building they were occupying.In the Ad-Durah district of Baghdad resistance attacked and destroyed 2 Bradley fighting vehicles and 3 Humvees killing 17 U.S troops and wounding a further 5.An Abrams Tank was destroyed by an IED in Taji,3 U.S troops were killed.Fighting erupted near the Darwish restaurant in As Sayyidiyah at around 10pm,resistance forces on one side U.S troops and Iraqi Police on the other.The fighting left a Bradley,Humvee and 2 Land cruisers destroyed and 8 U.S soldiers and 13 Police dead along with 5 resistance fighters.In total of their reporting across Iraq 146 U.S soldiers were killed along with 32 wounded,1 British,2 Polish Soldiers and 4 Cia were also killed.23 Humvees,13 Bradleys,1 APC and 3 Abrams Tanks were Destroyed or disabled.