Saturday, January 15, 2005

Iraq News Brief.Jan 14th.

The news brief from the days events in Iraq as portrayed by the mainstream media,are as follows.Gunmen killed the director of the Baghdad election centre, another in a serious of attacks against election officials.Also the Democratic Islamic party announced that its candidate had been targeted for the second time in two weeks.The Dutch base in Samawah came under mortar attack,though there has been no report of casualties.Saboteurs attacked the oil pipeline in northern Iraq near the refinery at Baiji,this making the 186th attack on oil infastructure since the start of war and has hampered the oil export.Iraqi police are on the lookout for 28 prisoners that escaped on route to the notorious Abu Gharib prison complex.The prisoners overpowered the guards,beating four of them on the bus they were travelling in and made their escape.Several people were killed in a car bomb that exploded north of Baghdad and 8 were injured when an Abrams tank collided with a bus.U.S troops burned down commercial shops in Al-Radwaniyah district west of Baghdad,saying that they had come under attack from that area.Separately attackers fired on a bus carrying Iraqi national guards members west of Baghdad,kidnapping 15 guards and leaving the bus in flames.
From the Arab media it is stated that hundreds of thousands of Israeli citizens who are off Iraqi descent,will be allowed to vote in the forth comming elections.
The Independant Islamic media Mafkarat Al Islam reported another bloody day of resistance activities resulting in some 107 casualties amongst U.S troops along with the destruction of 13 Humvees,10 Bradleys,5 Trucks,1 Abrams tank and 1 Blackhawk helicopter.