Sunday, January 16, 2005

Iraq News Brief.Jan 16th.

The news brief from the days events in Iraq as portrayed by the worlds media,are as follows.Resistance elements armed with AK-47s and mortars attacked the governate building in the western city of Ramadi,the attack killing a single U.S soldier and wounding an undetermined number.An Iraqi driver of the international Red Cross was killed near Baghdad.The driver who was in his 40s and married with 4 children disapeared while on duty late Thursday west of Baghdad and his body was found Saturday.The circumstances of his slaying remain unclear.U.S forces announced on Saturday that one of its helicopter gunships was forced to make an emergency landing whilst providing logistical support to U.S troops north of the city of Mosul,it added that the two pilots aboard were rescued after they escaped unhurt.Portugal has confirmed its Iraq troop withdrawal starting next month.Lisbon said it would "end the mission at the planned date" for "operational planning reasons"and would ensure there was "adequate coordination with the Iraqi authorities".Lisbon said it would continue to support the post war process,notably by helping to train Iraqi security forces in coordination with NATO.U.S soldier Charles Graner was sentenced to ten years behind bars and dishonourable discharge from the army for the notorious abuses of Abu Gharib prisoners which he claimed he was ordered to carry out.The ten man military jury at Fort Hood,Texas delivered the sentence one day after convicting Specialist Graner in the abuse scandal that caused worldwide outrage and tarnished the reputation of U.S troops in Iraq.The 36 year old military policeman was seen as the ringleader of the abusers.Former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein will be soon taken to the U.S military base Udeid in Qatar.He is being moved to Qatar for security reasons related to the elections dated January 30th.The Iraqi group Ansar al-Islam denied on Saturday that it was behind the killing of an aide to top Shi-ite Muslim cleric Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani.Thousands of Moqtada Sadre supporters across Iraq protested against fuel and electricity shortages,as the Shiite leaders movement started to flex its political muscles ahead of the elections."Where are human rights?","where is the oil and gas?","where are the health services and electricity?",shouted the protestors,some of whom came symbolically equipped with candles and lanterns.
Mafkarat al-Islam independant arabic media outlet who has embedded reporters in towns and cities across Iraq,reported resistance attacks and ambushes on Coalition troops west and north of Baghdad,resulting in 151 U.S casualties and including the destruction of 14 humvees,5 bradleys,5 apc s and 1 unnamed helicopter.