Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Iraq News Brief.Jan 18th.

Attackers spraying gunfire and throwing grenades ambushed a checkpoint manned by the Iraqi national guard at al-Nawar south of Baquba at 6am,killing 7 guards,3 were burnt beyond recognition and 1 beheaded whilst kneeling in the prayer position.A further 4 Iraqi soldiers were wounded by small arms fire in Buhritz.An explosion at the Beji police headquarters north of Tikrit killed 6 police officers and wounded 19 people.In the same province unknow gunmen attacked 3 trucks carrying military supplies,all 3 trucks were destroyed and one of the drivers reported missing.North of the country gunmen assassinated Al-Hiyali a member of the Mosul Law Council.Meanwhile 2 schools one situated in Kirkuk and the other in Basra which are to be used as polling stations in the January 30th elections came under Rpg and Mortar attack both causing limited damage.A Katyusha rocket slammed into a home near a local goverment building where 2 Kurdish leaders were meeting in northern Iraq,no casualties were reported.In Suwaira which is 25 miles south east of Baghdad 2 Iraqi goverment auditors driving on a notorious stretch of road in an area dubbed the "triangle of death" were assassinated by gunmen.In the western Iraqi town of Ramadi a car bomb exploded as U.S troops were investigating another device,causing casualties amongst the U.S troops.The military did not give any further details.A communiques from the military confirmed the deaths of 2 U.S soldiers from a road accident in Baghdad a further 2 soldiers were killed Monday in the Al-Anbar province west of the country,the military gave no further details on both incidents.The Vatican has confirmed the kidnapping in Mosul of Archbishop Casmoussa,66 of the Syrian Catholic Church and is calling on the kidnappers to free him immediately.Centcom announced the deaths of 3 U.S soldiers.
Resistance activity from the independant Arabic news services of Mafkarat al Islams reporters who are embedded in towns and areas throughout Iraq stated that Mondays resistance attacks resulted in some 50 coalition casualties along with dozens of Iraqi guards and police.Resistance elements fired some 13 Grad and Katyushah rockets at U.S troop concentrations inside Fallujah,the bombardment lasted for over an hour, later a chinook helicopter accompanied by 2 apache gunships landed in the area to evacuate the casualties.