Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Iraq News Brief.Jan 9th-11th

Another bloody 3 days in Iraq as Iraq heads towards melt down.The Mafkarat-Al-Islam reporters who are embedded in Iraqi towns,cities,villages and resistance units themselves are reporting an extreme upsurge in resistance activity.Fighting has been raging over the last 3 days in these areas across the length and breadth of Iraq,Fallujah,Ramadi,Hit,Hadithah,Baquaba,Baghdad,Latiyfah,Yusifyah,Tikrit,Mosul,Samarra,Habbaniyah,Abu Gharib,Mahmudiyah,Iskandariyah,Samawah,Mahwil,Basra,Ad-Dura,Ridwaniyah,Mushahadah,Salman bak,Al-Ishqi,Balad,Taji,Dujayl and Amarra.Here are a few paragraphs from the Mafkarat Reporters the last few days.
"Nine U.S soldiers were killed and two wounded on Jan9th 2005 in the Town of Hit when an a Apache Helicopter mistakenly took the soldiers as being Resistance fighters and fired Hell-Fire missiles at their position".In Latiyfah that same day,Iraqi Resistance fighters attacked a U.S foot patrol with Rockets and RPGs killing ten soldiers.U.S forces then opened fire indiscrimanately injuring four civilians.In Salman Bak a resistance IED exploded destroying two Humvees and killing 5 U.S soldiers and wounding three.Here are a few of the reports for January 10th 2005.
In Al Fallujah on Ash-Sharikah street at 4pm a resistance sniper shot and killed a U.S soldier making it the sixth sniper victim in two days.
In Abu-Garib a U.S Military convoy made up of various Military vehicles were ambushed by the Resistance using RPG7s and RPG8s along with heavy machine guns,six Humvees and one fuel tanker were destroyed in the attack,23 U.S soldiers were killed.
In Salman Bak 2 IEDs Exploded destroying a Bradley Fighting Vehicle and killing all 4 U.S troops.In Baquabah an Abrams Main Battle Tank and Humvee were attacked and destroyed 9 U.S soldiers were killed and 2 Resistance fighters were killed in the engagement.In Samarra the Deputy Police Chief was assainated by the resistance.January 11th 2005.Fierce fighting erupted between U.S forces and the resistance just North of Ar Ramadi the correspondent reported that he had seen 4 Abrams tanks ablaze and 3 Humvees totally destroyed 12 dead and 7 wounded U.S soldiers littered the area.An Apache Helicopter that was giving support was shot down by a strela hand held anti-helicopter missile.Fighting raged in the area intensively all day until the U.S forces retreated from the area,the days battle left 30 U.S military vehicles destroyed and 128 U.S soldiers killed,57 resistance fighters were killed in the battle,Remaining resistance fighters seized the abandoned U.S weapons and stripped the Body armour of each dead soldier.
Resistance destroyed a small U.S military patrol boat with RPG9s on the Euphrates river near Hadithah killing all 4 crew members.In Baghdad 2 IEDs exploded destroying a Bradley fighting vehicle and Humvee killing 7 U.S Soldiers.In Balad 2 IEDs were detonated destroying 2 Humvees and disabling an Abrams Tank,8 U.S soldiers were killed.This is just a fraction of what has been reported the last 3 days.In total 621 U.S soldiers have been killed across Iraq along with 59 Humves,19 Bradleys,8 APCs,11 Abrams Tanks,32 other Military vehicles,1 Chinook and 3 Apache helicopters,1 patrol boat that have been destroyed.
Most of us aware that the situation in Iraq is not good,even our controlled media can not get away with painting a rosy picture.But how bad is it ? If Mafkarat-Al-Islam reporters are a trueish version of what is actually happening on the ground,then this is not resistance it is open combat a full blown war.Western U.S media are lying about what is occuring,the pentagon is hiding the truth on casualties and the Tsnami is a convenient way to focus public attention away from Iraq temporarilly.
Legitimate elections where the vote is free and fare can not possibly go ahead with the level of violence.